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Mortgage Checklist


  • Property address and market value for each property
  • Mortgage statement, homeowners insurance, property real estate tax bill and homeowner’s association bill
  • Copies of leases on any rental property purchased within the year
  • If you are converting your current residence to a rental property after the close of this loan, provide:
    • Signed copy of rental agreement showing monthly rent and a minimum 12 month term of lease
    • Evidence of receipt of security deposit and/or first month’s rent if


  • Consecutive pay stub(s) that cover a minimum of 30 days year-to-date earnings from all jobs
  • W2s and/or 1099s for the most recent two years
  • Signed complete Federal personal tax returns for most recent two years with all Schedules
  • Signed complete Federal business tax returns for most recent two years, with all Schedules, when applicable
  • Year-to-date profit and loss statement and balance sheet for self-employed borrowers
  • Letter of explanation to address any gaps of employment over 30 days in the last 2 years
  • If alimony and/or child support payments are to be considered for income, provide a copy of the divorce decree or court order along with documents showing evidence of receipt of payments for most recent 6 months and continuance for next 3 years
  • For non-employed sources of income, provide pension statements, awards letters or other appropriate documentation to support income


  • Most recent two months statements (all pages) for all checking, savings and money market accounts
  • Most recent monthly statement establishing ownership in: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, retirement accounts, employee savings plans, etc.
  • Documentation of any deposits listed on bank statements that are not direct deposits from payroll
  • For purchase transactions, provide documentation of all earnest money given and evidence of funds clearing your bank account
  • If receiving gift funds:
    • Gift letter signed and dated by you and the gift donor
    • If gift already received, copy of gift check, evidence of withdrawal of gift funds from donor’s account and poof of deposit into your bank account


  • If you will be purchasing a home, provide the completed and signed sales contract and all addendum
  • Name and number of homeowner’s insurance agent


  • Veterans: Military discharge papers (Form DD214) and Certificate of Eligibility
  • Bankruptcy in last 7 years: Copies of full bankruptcy papers including all schedules and discharge letter
  • Keep your job. It’s extremely important to show financial and employment stability.
  • Spend your money conservatively. Do not make any sort of large purchases.
  • Don’t run your credit report, as this may affect your score.
  • Talk to me before depositing large sums of money into your bank accounts. Any large sum of money will be reviewed and you will more than likely need to document what and why.
  • Avoid opening, closing or transferring any asset accounts. Your bank history should show stability.
  • Continue paying your bills accordingly and do not open, largely increase or decrease any credit balances.
  • Pay everything consistently and do not skip payments. Also, try not to dispute any bills since that might show up on your credit and be a questionable item.
  • Absolutely do not co-sign on a loan with anyone during the time of your mortgage process. Even if you won’t be the one making the payments, it can dramatically affect your approval.
  • Do not begin home improvement projects. Especially if they require you to take out a loan.
  • If you’re planning on having elective medical or cosmetic procedures, plan on doing them after you close.

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